Hi! I am Valerie Erickson

Public Speaking and Personal Coach


I passionately offer simple and easy solutions to create amazing results.

Public Speaking

I am an Award-Winning Public Speaker.  I have trained and helped many speakers achieve excellence.

Personal Coach

Together we will reassess your Life Goals and develop Action Plans for a Work Life Balance.

Public Speaking

Life Coaching

Lunch and Learn

One on One Coaching

What Is Life Coaching?

A life coach is a professional who can assist you in a variety of departments in getting yourself on the correct path to reach your life goals. Sometimes you may not even know what those goals are, and a life coach can help you identify them.

Who Is Coaching For?

  • Students,
  • Stay at Home Moms,
  • Business Professionals

What is The Process Like?

A pre-consultancy is a one on one meeting where we establish where we are at in our life.  We then identify the gaps and the limiting beliefs that is not helping us move forward and achieve our goals.

*** Due to COVID our meetings are now online ***

The Pre Consult

A one on one meeting…

The Gap Analysis

Where are we at and where do you want to be? What are the gaps?

The Contract

The contract is what binds out business relationship.

The Process

We set up clear goals and tasks.

The Celebrations

We celebrate every milestone.

7 Second Rule


Achieve your personal and professional goals. Improve your communication and public speaking skills.

It takes just seven seconds for your listener to decide if they like you or not.


 Val teaches you how to improve your speaking and communication skills; how to build and hone your message to attract the customers and people in your life that provide purpose and meaning.

Val teaches you how to build relationships with colleagues, friends or professionals to get your dream job and achieve your goals. Whether you are looking to build your personal relationships or business relationships, as a certified life and business coach, Val can help.

When Val first started speaking, she had to write down her own name to remember it. Today, she speaks to large groups, is a keynote speaker and is the current District 42 International Speech Contest winner in Toastmasters International. If you want to, or even if you dont want to but know you should, improve your public speaking, Val can help.

She has helped many individuals find their speaking style and voice.


 Valerie was an important source of support in bringing change and better service to our practice.

Dr. Greg Bradley

Val jump-started my clinic from the dead.

Dr. Brandon Wong

When our practice sold, Val helped us transition with the new owner, keep the staff & patients happy and remain in the practice.

Debra S. (Office Manager)

After Val’s interactive role-playing workshop on case presentation and treatment coordinating, my staff felt more confident in their presentation skills. Case acceptance grew 30% in 3 months.  If you want results, call Val! 

Dr. Sonja M.