How I went from scared and speechless to helping professionals find their voice and their presentation superpower.

Years before I became a public speaking coach, I was haunted by my own public speaking anxiety. After college, I spent several years working as a dental assistant and office manager in private practice. 

Being a personable and approachable team player came easy to me. It was easy for me to connect with patients and staff. But on the inside, I fought daily with an embarrassing secret:

My debilitating fear of public speaking.

This of course came with its fair share of embarrassing moments. If you’re game, you can email me and we’ll exchange stories over wine.

The Catalyst I needed!

While I was okay with speaking one on one with friends, I shook sweat and choked up in front of patients and colleagues at the first glimpse of being in the spotlight, terrified that I’d be judged over a bad performance. I’m grateful that the experience sent me on a journey to question why my fear of “making a fool of myself” ruled my life. My dream was to present workshops to dental professionals but my fear of public speaking rooted me in place. I didn’t have the courage to take the first step. Then I met Garth Brooks, and that was the catalyst I needed. (another “Grab the wine and I’ll tell you a story” moment)

Conquering and Sharing Lessons Learned

When I made the decision to tackle public speaking head-on, I enrolled in communication and leadership training courses, sought out speech coaches, trained as a Certified Coach, read books, and listened to podcasts… on repeat. I’m proud to say, that I found my voice. 

I believe that we never stop learning and today, I still read, learn and practice the skills and techniques that make my presentation skills uniquely me. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience and coming out the other side as someone who is truly moved by public speaking today.  


When I look back at the paralyzing anxiety I once felt and the toll it took on my nerves and confidence, I decided that I wanted to help others break through their own fears of public speaking in a way that was approachable, actionable and effective.


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